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Weekly Maintenance - November 14, 2023


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3:00 PM PST. See your time zone here: 

Estimated Downtime:
~ 5 Hours and 30 Minutes


  • The Kelbim Unleashed Update patch will be applied!
  • The Kelbim Unleashed events will start!
  • The Kelbim Unleashed promotions will start!
  • The Shining Sayha’s Box promotion will end!
  • The Rabbit Hunt event will end!
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Dalx: You had to hunt 1500 Mobs/day before this too. The (MUCH BETTER!!) difference is  that its not in 5 parts..500+400+300+200+100=1500 too. (with auto hunting, you just have to wait a little, or not try to obtain these after 5 minutes / daily reset..)

The Daily reward can be obtained after 5 minutes. It has nothing to do with the daily 1500 monsters hunt. Click on it simply below the item after 5 minutes logged in. Server is very good. Thank you. PLease remove the 7 box limit, 15 or 20 would be much better..:P

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On 11/15/2023 at 7:18 AM, Dalx said:

Hunt 1500 monster per day? Otherwise no reward. L2 Classic is not L2 Aden. On "Classic" this means many hours of playing with buffs. All the more reason to stop playing Classic.




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