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Ability to hold


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I do not know if this is a Bug, so I'll treat it as a Bug. Well, I realized that every time I fight with a Feoh, Feoh Erthéia and even Tyrr, even when I'm a Sigel, I use the Hold debuff skill, that Tyrr if I'm in his range, even with Hold, he can jump close to me, so that's fine, Tyrr gives it a good look. But, Feoh is different, it's a class where magical criticism is huge, even when the guy is not well equipped, he manages to cause extremely high damage, even more that, NCsoft invests much more in P.Defesa than in M. Defense in the game. In my view, Hold is just to keep the person on your side, preventing it from running away, or when you need to recover, you hold and run a bit, this is in the case of the Tyrr, like Evicerators, but with Feoh is different, be it normal Feoh or Feoh Ertheia, hold should be a Tank defense, so that he would keep Feoh always on his side, preventing Feoh from running away. But, that's not the case, every time I give Hold and pick it up, whether it's normal Feoh or Feoh Ertheia, they teleport and go away, and as the debuff time is 5 seconds, ready, they're gone and so , they gain an advantage, since Feoh has a range of 1100, in their skills and the teleport is the same, 1100 range, Sigel current is 600 maximum, so you need to run closer. I noticed that Hold is nice, but, Feoh always runs away using teleportation, this should not happen, it should be reviewed, I also noticed that in Healer, Sigel's silence is too flawed, even though he has the skill very tight and jewelry which increases the chance of mental debuff.But, I think NCsoft has to review this Feoh, Feoh Ertheia can teleport even with Hold applied, because if so, Hold is only good for PVE and nothing else and look there. Or, it increases the chance of Sigel's silence and time, because 3 seconds, which is not always 3 seconds, since I have already used and picked up and started counting in 2 seconds, again began counting in 1 second.

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