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Triad State


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Well, back to the game after 2 years, I've noticed that Rush Assault no longer exist, either mass debuffs for ISS Sword Muse.

So, looking up to the new skills, I've noted that Alluring Conduct, Repeat Mark Somersault and Melody of Reflection need to be casted in Triad state. Search in some patch note - because I don't found any in-game information about that - I've realized that I need to use Sforzando Sting, Radiant Crash and Resolving Bash sequentially - ik that order don't matter. So, I see that I need to be an active ISS player, like I used to be, what sounds great, since Triad state is a minor Battle Rhapsody spamed for about 10 seconds. So, I went to Isle of Souls, quest things, 400 mobs, nice. Setted up my macro, and watch:

Line 1: /targetnext

Line 2: Sforzando Sting

Line 3: Radiant Crash

Line 4: Resolving Bash

Line 5: /delay x seconds

And so, the magic have been show. Since I positioned my ton away from any mob to start the macro, I don't stop macro everytime I can't cast Sforzando Sting because little distance between ton and next targeted mob. Even so, careless the distance, the macro will run 2nd line and pass away to line 3. This time, Sforzando Sting is ignored by macro, and the ton will cast Radiant Crash and then Resolving Bash.

So, SURPREISE: In buffs layer, Triad state icon appears. Suspicious, I opened the Character tab to check status: I don't get Patk or any buff in numbers. BUT: I still able to cast Alluring Conduct, Repeat Mark Somersault and Melody of Reflection.

Since I don't get any in-game message about the Triad state and how to reach it, the way I read on patch note, this should not happen. So I came to report. Don't know if its relly bug thing or even if is an know issue. I have videos proving the trigger.

Later, I discovered that I can trigger it manually, without macro, just hitting the shortcuts to 3 needed skills to Triad State: same way, no buff, but can cast Alluring Conduct, Repeat Mark Somersault and Melody of Reflection. Harder than macro way, but it works too.

Sorry for bad english.


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