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Fish Buff Items Missing


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  • L2 Team

We’re aware that Fish Buff items (Creams and Chili) were removed with today’s maintenance. While we do plan to remove these items at a future time, this was not an intentional change with this update and we’re working to resolve the issue and reinstate the items to all affected characters with next Wednesday’s maintenance.

Please be aware that there is no intent to reinstate Rotten Fish Stews as these have had an available Adena exchange since 8/29.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we work to correct it.

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At least something useful came out of this. I mean, this has been raised as an issue months before this update; but I guess reinstation will do. Better than nothing and all.


Now, I guess most players will have only one question following this post: Who the are you?

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