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Classic Launch FAQ


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In preparation for Lineage II Classic launching October 3, we’ve prepared answers to some basic questions you might have. Find the full Lineage II Classic announcement here.

Q: What is Lineage II Classic?
Lineage II Classic is a unique version of Lineage II that’s inspired by the original gameplay experience at release in April, 2004. It levels the playing field, and requires everyone start at Level 1. The leveling progression has been returned to a slower pace, Monsters are more challenging, and B-grade weapons and armor are the best players can initially obtain.

Q: Is Lineage II Classic a separate game that requires me to download and install a new game client?
Lineage II Classic is a new server type available through the Lineage II game client. To play Lineage II Classic you only need to select a Classic server at the server selection screen. Existing players will receive a game update on October 3 that allows access the Lineage II Classic servers. New and returning players should download and install the current Lineage II game here, and on October 3 you’ll also be able to select a Classic server to begin playing.

Q: What is the difference between the Classic server and what we have now?
Many of the graphical and technical improvements that players enjoy in Lineage II today are maintained in Classic, while the available races, classes, leveling experience, and systems are reminiscent of an era before the release of Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction. We refer to the existing version as Lineage II Live in an effort to simplify how we distinguish the current server progression and rules from the Classic version.

Q: What game content is on the Classic server?
At launch, Classic players will be offered a fresh start to take on Monsters and Raid Bosses in Hunting Zones up to Level 70. The initial Classic release will not have the Olympiad, Castle, or Fortress Sieges, or permanent Clan Hall Auctions—though several of these features will be released over the course of future updates.

Q: How is the gameplay different from the existing servers?
Lineage II Classic should feel familiar to those of you playing on Live now, though there are many distinguishable differences. For instance, players will choose from five character races (Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Dwarf) and two classes (Fighter, Mystic). First and second class transfer quests will be available at launch, providing a total of 31 classes. Additionally, stats like Luck (LCK) and Charisma (CHA) will not exist in Classic, and the Auction House system, Vitality system, and Noblesse/Exalted status have been removed. There are many other small distinctions that make the overall Classic experience unique.

Q: What is the leveling experience like on the Classic server?
The leveling pace of Lineage II Classic will feel significantly slower than that of the Live servers, and characters will begin to cap out at Level 70. The item drop penalty on death from the original version of the game won’t be coming back, but an XP penalty still exists at 4% loss per death. The five starting zones (Levels 1–19) will launch with additional Monsters and increased respawn rates to account for the initial rush through the lower levels.

Q: Will the game be subscription or free-to-play?
Lineage II Classic is free-to-play with an optional in-game store that allows players to purchase in-game boosts, such as improved XP/SP efficiency, buffs, and cosmetic items. Lineage II Classic additionally has a Classic VIP Rewards Program, which rewards those who regularly make NCoin purchases from the L2 Store.

Q: What is the Classic VIP Rewards Program?
The Classic VIP Rewards Program is intended to reward those who make purchases in the Classic L2 Store. By spending NCoin you receive VIP points, and as you gain points you can progress through four tiered levels of the VIP program. Each VIP tier provides increasingly valuable benefits, such as increased XP/SP, item drop chances, and daily gifts. Your VIP points will slowly degrade if no additional purchases are made, at which point they may drop you to a lower rank. Learn more about the Classic VIP Rewards Program here.

Q: Will there be an L2 Store?
Yes, Lineage II Classic will launch with an L2 Store featuring the Classic VIP Rewards Program, in addition to select buffs, consumables, and cosmetic items.

Q: Do I need a new NCSOFT account?
No, anyone with an existing NCSOFT account will be able to create characters for Lineage II Classic. If you don’t have an NCSOFT account yet, you can create one here.

Q: What happened to my old characters?
Your existing Lineage II characters on Naia or Chronos are unaffected and remain playable in the separate Lineage II Live version of the game. Please be aware that a service migration occurred in October of 2015, and if you did not migrate your account during the opt-in migration period your characters were likely deleted as a part of that migration process.

Q: What languages does this release support?
As with the Live version of Lineage II, we’ll be officially supporting Classic in the North America region in English only.

Q: What is the content update schedule or roadmap?
There’s plenty of content we’ll be adding to Lineage II Classic in the months following launch. Keep an eye on Lineage2.com and our Twitter and Facebook feeds as we’ll be sharing announcements and sneak previews there.

Q: How many Lineage II Classic servers are there?
You’ll be able to select from two Lineage II Classic servers: Talking Island and Giran.

Q: Can I transfer my existing characters from a Live server to a Classic server, or vice versa?
No, the different rulesets and level ranges mean that characters will only be able to be created and played in their own versions. These are two completely separate versions of the game.

Q: Are account services (gender, clan name, and name changes.) available for the Classic server?
These services will be ready for purchase in the in-game L2 store when Lineage II Classic launches. The server transfer service is not currently planned for the Classic server.

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