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6 minutes ago, Ruby said:


I don't need pics tbh, is not me you have to convince of anything, I was just pointing out some facts.

Any particular reason you use a physical approach for eve? Or you just never bothered to learn proper input broadcasting?

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So go buy a $300 laptop, run your six clients and you'll never have to deal with a live player again. You probably won't even play with any live supports because you'll want to level your own. Have fu

I didn’t say anything about anyone knowing more than the other. I said this game isn’t meant to be played solo. I’ve heard, and seen, so many trying to figure out how they can load 9 clients. That’s n

The Multibox limit for the Classic Server will be 3 clients per PC.

5 hours ago, Convict said:

first ban ruby then make it no extra box unless your vip 4

Why would you even say this?  Multi-boxing isn't supposed to be bannable.

Also I've had no problem being a paying customer with Lineage 2 over the years, as I had subscribed with multiple accounts for years.  I even recently spent a good bit on Lineage 2 Revolution over the past year while multi-boxing 5 characters.  Not sure where you're going with this.  I wouldn't mind paying for the ability to multi-box additional characters, it's been a hobby of mine for a long time.  If that's your concern then having to be VIP status in order to multi-box is not an issue to me.


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- It's sad that, i can't log my buffers (bd-sws-pp) + mages(aoe dmg) + tank(aggro) + spoil(for mats) same time. 

- It's even more sad that, it's not even possible to only farm with buffers(bd-sws-pp) + single target damage dealer + recharger

- It's more sad that, you can't open 2-3 private store to sell items, and log in main to farm.


I love similarities of l2 classic and old times but box limit is so annoying.

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