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PETITION: Make Talking Island GMT -4


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On ‎2018‎-‎09‎-‎24 at 12:27 PM, Juji said:

Hello All,

After further discussion with our team on the time zones for Classic, we have changed Talking Island to a GMT-5 server. The current planned servers for the launch of the Classic Server on 10/3 are below:

  • Talking Island - GMT-5
  • Giran - GMT+1 

Best Regards,

Just in case you didn't see this. xD

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1 minute ago, TrOLLw said:

Can I get some clarification on Giran Servers time?  I thought it was soppsed to be west coast, but GMT +1 is Europe.  Does Europe not already have classic?

Giran will have a "more european oriented timezone", meaning NCSoft wants to grab players from private EU servers and from Innova's official server for EUrope ( SKelth).
Again: Innova and NCSOFT are not business partners, they are competitors! It only makes sense that NCsoft wants a server on this timezone (Gmt +1).
Talking Island is the server with North America/Central&South america timezones (Gmt -5)

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But I love the Euros and want them to come play on TI. :/

I actually didn't know Innova was NcSofts competitors.  I thought they were just contracted, I would have thought the software licence would have bounds on this type of move.  I always loved east cause it would grab a Euro contingent to play with after peak hours.

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