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We will be using Discord for chat. 

CP parties for PVP. 

PVP support when needed. 

Clan will have dwarfs to support member needs. 

Scheduled Raid Parties. 

We are older with lives and families now. This will not be a hardcore 10 hours a day guild. We will however be competitive and enjoy all aspects of the game as we did pre GOD. 

We always played the game without botting or program to assist. Looking forward to a fresh start where everyone competes on even ground. 


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Do you have an idea on the clan name?

Hey! I used to play this game when I was like 13-16 years old (over a decade ago). I was a level 79 adventurer with an ES and Heirophant. My younger brother and I played this game everyday! We are excited to come back and play. We are looking for a clan, however, I am not sure how active I will be. I want to try to play everyday, but I am currently in Law School-- which is extraordinarily time consuming. I love PvP and I even made a few "YouTube videos" of my PvP from back in the day. . . I was young when I made them, so they're quite dreadful lol
My younger brother, 25-years-old, will be a monk with a warcryer buffer.
I will be a Sorc with an EE.
My friend is joining too, but he only played private servers.
My older brother is join too, but he is new to the MMORPG; he has only played the Lineage 2 app, but he puts a lot of time into it.

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