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Perfect Recruiting


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Clan Perfect is recruiting.

Old clan that began in Lineage 1 and carried over to Lineage 2. (Both Official Servers)
Was a member of the original Bartz and then Chronos.

Many, many old players are returning that joined the ranks through the years. 

Primarily a PVE clan and chill atmosphere with experience.
Using said experience to kill lots of people when needed.
We will have constant parties with rotations.
Mainly online during afternoons and weekends. (NA) Talking Island Server
All classes welcome. Let's get this going.
Reply or drop the DM.

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16 minutes ago, Gabe said:

Hey man, My brother and I use to be in your alliance when we were allied with Perfect and Prosirux :)


You should join the community discord if you haven't already: https://discord.gg/EGQfydP

Lindra will be glad to hear it. You guys interested in joining Perfect or are you starting a new clan? Either way I'm sure we can help each other out ^^

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hey guys, i read about the new classic server from ncsoft and i start too. i read also your recruiting msg and i like it. i have no choise what class i play yet, because i dont know how classic works. i look on a site classic wiki. im also player of lineage 1 and from l2 i stop to play l2 after interlude on official. i just have a question. what server you go to start? i didnt read it somewhere.

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Talking Island will be the server that suits our player base the most. We're hyped and ready to go. Clan page and voice chat ready for members. AOE CP's and casual parties forming. All classes welcome. Be ready to play as a team and do your research to fulfill your role in pvp. Several tips and quests are supplied to provide smooth game play and guarantee a great start.  


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Hey! I used to play this game when I was like 13-16 years old. I was a level 79 adventurer with an ES and Heirophant. My younger brother and I played this game everyday! We are excited to come back and play. We are looking for a clan, however, I am not sure how active I will be. I want to try to play everyday, but I am currently in Law School-- which is extraordinarily time consuming. I love PvP and I even made a few "YouTube videos" of my PvP from back in the day. . . I was young when I made them, so they're quite dreadful lol
My younger brother, 25-years-old, will be a monk with a warcryer buffer.
I will be a Sorc with an EE.
My friend is joining too, but he only played private servers.
My older brother is join too, but he is new to the MMORPG; he has only played the Lineage 2 app, but he puts a lot of time into it.

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