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they are already selly enough xp buffs to almost triple your xp...if u lvl 3 times as fast but dont have the adena your super screwed...im just saying if they were to sell adena it would kill the farmers use here...but if they keep up on bots im happy either way i just want a list of whats in the shop we will get

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On 21/09/2018 at 10:52 PM, Convict said:

I am wondering what our nc coin shop will consist of? Will we be able to buy adena? Can you please give us a list of the possibilities so that I know if I want to purchase nc coins...I think you should sell adena so that way you cut the farmers out

They sell adena, at lets say 1m adena for 4000Ncoin ( 50 Usd?)
The farmers will sell for 40

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