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Templar Aura 101 SK Skill


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Hello everyone. I'm a bit confused with the 101 Aura of a Sigel Shillien Templar. From the official patch note, it states that 4 auras have a common effect which are the P./M. Def +20%, P./M. Crit Dmg Received -15%, and all Skill cd -7%. Then, there is an additional effect to each aura. For example, SK gets an additional P/M. Attack Power +10% and movement speed +10.

However, in the reality, the SK 101 aura has the following effect shows in-game, P./M. Attack +20%, P./M. Def +10%, Movement Speed +10, P./M. Crit Dmg Received -15% and all Skill cd -7%. Why is it different from the official patch note? Which one should be the correct one? or am I misunderstanding something here? Please help to clarify. Thank you.



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