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Dynasty Clan is Recruiting!

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Sanctio    0

Hello, can i join? I'm a solo player lv around 30 rogue with all D grade bow and trying to get top D weap, got vip 2 and play around 4 hours a day or sometimes even more cause i'm in college and it required so much time, i play L2 since 2004 and play TH in every chronicle so im doing the same here.


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sayango    0

Finnalllyyyy... I have been waiting for RedKnights clan  --- > TD ... AKA MoonSwordx + Ryoukan on RK and then TD .... back in old days....

I cant wait to join Dyansty... I'm a level 36+ Nuker going NECRO VIP 4 almost 5 ;)

ingame nick: Sayango


NO,..... I'm on Giran Server .. dammn... looks like I need to roll on TI ...

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