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Classic basic info


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Hi everyone. 

I started my adventure with L2 from C5. I'm wondering how big is difference comparing to coming Classic (1.5)

Does anyone has class descriptions with skills? 

Or maybe skills are almost the same for all classes? 

What are differences between C5 besides maximum lvl and grades of weapon and armor? 


This information will help to decide whether to buy preorder or not and if I'll start playing on new Classic



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You can check out the Lineage 2 wiki - Http://https://l2wiki.com/classic/

Few things to think about with classic 1.5

  • Weapon Special Abilities don't exist yet.
  • Giant's Cave and TOI have not been added yet
  • Only Races in game are Human, Light Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Dwarf (Kamael and Erthia do not exist)
  • Top grade items are B grade
  • You will have to craft from parts of D for set bonuses, and top D, you will need to craft C and B.
  • EXP is slow, much slower than C5 expect around a month+ to hit 40.
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