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best suport for dwarf


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SE has Stigma which is great for melee damage. Plus SE has vampiric buff and MP. 

WC has both vampiric, haste and all other major PP buffs.

I would go for WC + SE or PP + SE. PP with HP and MP bless is great, but top PP buff (counter critical) is on lvl 80. This is a must have buff on high lvl content.  

PP has no vampiric, but you can get vampiric stew buff by fishing. 

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Cara, percebi que você tá tendo um pouco de dificuldade em entender o que a galera tá dizendo.

Se você for fazer spoil, vai precisar de recharge, então faça um SE ou um EE, fica a seu critério (eu escolheria EE). Se for crafter, pode ir só com o PP mesmo.


I see you're not understanding what people are telling you as well.

If you're going to create a spoil, you gonna need recharge, then go for SE or EE, its your choice (i'd go for EE). If you're going to make a crafter, you're fine only with PP.

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