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Question for Gladiator


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5 minutes ago, ObiWanYouKnowMe said:

1.5 still fun to play, somewhat usefull in 1v1 or 9v9 pvp, absolutely useless in mass pvp and PvE. Later updates do not boost this character. Wanna waste lots of time then go gladi and reroll later.

thanks a lot,dark avenger how is?

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Gladi got a really huge burst damage and an awesome ranged stun. It's not a waste of time. He's pretty good on 1vs1 and can 1combo-shot almost any robe  (except the ones with transfer pain) or light user. He has good AoE skills for PvE and and for PvP you got p.def debuff and some ignore shield-block skills, but you're probably going to run out of MP fast.

If you're looking for a good melee DD overall, go for Tyrant or Destro. Tyrant is great for everything on this game (pve, 1vs1, mass pvps and bosses) and has a great mobility. Destro's are weak at the beggining and slow as hell but then they turns into a monster at high-levels.

DA is nothing but overpower as hell. His fear is likely landing 100% of the times and his phanter hurts a lot. All tankers but Paladin are on a great state at 1.5.

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7 hours ago, Mtaar said:

 Ok wait a min... Do we have dual swords for glads on classic?

Yes you do. But your charges develop really slowly. When classic launches there's going to be a bunch of great pvp at low levels and at level 40 gladiator's best bet to be useful in party pvp will be a blunt to do hammer crush and sonic blaster (which stuns now and can be used with blunt) and keep targets stunned. They can't do high spike damage without all their charges and all their skills. Plus Classic starves you for SP so you can only learn half of your skills and have to die a lot to get your exp and sp to line up. Debuffs are overpowered in classic so your "rotation" in a 1v1 is going to be keeping stun on your enemy, either with Sonic Blaster, Hammer Crush or both. 70+ you can do your proper rotation and drop that MF in true gladi style.

For comparison, take a look at classes like archers. They get stun shot at level 34 and then they're set. Not much changes in their playstyle after that, not significantly. Nukers have all their stuff at level 30. At level 40+ they just get 900 range versions of the same stuff. Gladiators take a long time to get all their skills. That's all I'm saying. You're going to be exp'ing and saying to yourself "just wait until I get strong" while some of the best pvp on server goes on without you.

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Well actually glads are quite good in a 1v1 scenario...for example they can be quite good in olys and small scale pvp (9v9, for example). 
But as someone said already : you will need to level up quite a bit before you'll be able to do something good.
Archers and Nukers after lv 40 are good and ready for pvp since archers will have already stun shot + double shot and nukers will get their main skills right after lv 40. (Yeah, i know nukers and archers are ready to pvp even before lv 40, but i guess that it doesn't matter how a class is in the pre-40...you will start learning the 'serious stuff' after lv 40). 
So you gotta keep in mind how you wanna play : 
PVE hard 'till 40+++ and then get ur revenge on those who bullied you before
Ready, set, pvp! But you pick something else and not a gladiator. 

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3 minutes ago, rkn said:

but when glad go duelist after 70 is very good

No no no lol

Gladiator's ranged stun is the worst in the game, it hardly lands compared to a Dwarf stun for example.  A nuker can 3-4 shot a gladiator so in mass-pvp they are very squishy.  For PVE a sws or bd can outdps a gladiator if given the same equipment and tattoos, a tyrant usually more than doubles their dps as well.  The only decent 76+ skill is the 10second 78 lockdown(3min cd) and even that will not be able to land on a char with 80 sws for example.


In olympiad it can beat most melee dps and all archers.  It will not beat tanks, summoners, or CC-based classes

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42 minutes ago, Cardano said:

Well it has lionheart so why it couldnt beat CC based classes?
But yeah, its not the best class here (deservably, i hated interlude gladis farming oly)

Those classes will just kite you when they see lionheart up.

Additionally, lionheart does not work with fear and you often get paralyzed even with the buff up....

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