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The Russians have been defeated by XIGNCODE3

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Quote from Juji;
You can find out more details on XIGNCOD3 and what it does below:


The time has come for the NA servers to flourish, and now the russians who come over to RMT won't be able to get away with using VPN's. GJ NCSoft. This classic launch just might be a lot more fun than I originally anticipated after all.


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It looks like it doesn't matter what the anti-bot program is, there will be a way around.
What i don't understand ( or maybe I do), is how NCsoft were able to stop L2 Tower and Zranger through lawsuits but Adrenaline is still a thing.

My 2 cents on bots are: Have active GMs/CMs ( i'm talking a real group of people whose only functions is this one) patrolling the server since the very start. Back when Shillen and Magmeld were open, with the free to play at Gooddess of Destruction, they did that, and the main zones of farm were always being cleaned from most of the bot summoners selling powerlevel or whatever. Nowadays, even the characters that sell adena and have private shopts on towns + shoutting on the chat stay DAYS without getting banned/blocked. So...they either don't care enough to actually put people to work on it, or they feel like it doesn't impact the game enough to get their attention.

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