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Class : Tyrant


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Tips: play only if Tyrant is really your thing.

Buffer: PP + BD

Solo farm: yeah with buffs/heals like any melee

Group: should yeah lots of ppl play melee for whatever reason

DPS: Yes very good DPS. You can argue with Destro who is better.

However, may be it because orcs are so big but I make it game of mine to watch the Tyrants in videos of mass pvp try to run up to do their 600 range skill and get dropped. Or stop to pop zealot and get dropped. Or run in to do melee range stuff and get dropped. Tyrants overestimate their survivability.

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Tyrant got one of the most versatile kit when talking about melee's DD's. It's a solid pick for solo grinding and bosses in any version of the classic. People may invite you for AoE parties too (not the best AoE but OH still a thing and you can fit pretty well on WL's CP's). It's a freaking monster class when talking about 1vs1 (PoD will melt down your enemies like shit, 1shotting almost every robe and light user if crit), almost all skills can crit and ignores shield defense. It's also great on mass PvP.

You can easily catch archers and daggers (even the ones using dash because its only 15sec buff), got the higest con on the game (means HUGE HP) and look badass.

The buffer you want is Prophet + BD.

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