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Not going to spend any money on this game if you put in autoloop macros.

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4 hours ago, xNtt said:

no difference automacro or normal...ppl who running with 9 boxes will run anyway ...already forget old days ?when you need to run DD+BD+WC+SWS+cat+PRP +spoiler ...like i remember i was farming with this chars without any auto macro ...


The main differences were it was easy to spot a botter, and took considerably more "live" effort to run multiple boxes without looping macros :-)  The effects of a change would be remarkable on the day to day server activity.

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There is one aspect of the OP I agree with completely!!


Level the Playing field!! By adding Looping macros that is what NCSoft is doing.  It is giving ALL players the chance to try to keep up with some of the crazy ass hardcore players.  Yes, there is a 3 account limit per cpu, it is confirmed.  For all of you that played during Prelude, C1 etc.  When cruma tower was amazing and PvP broke out everywhere over grind spots.  Don't try to delude yourselves of the great old days.  


There were TONS of parties farming up top-tier players on every server.  Play hard when you have time, And Auto Loop when RL kicks in.  Not complex it actually is closing the gap on botters.



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Bruh it isn't closing the gap on botters, it is just making it so every1 bots instead of just the normal bot population. Autolooping is the new botting, and it is legit. No reason to bot and risk your account when you can safely afk autoloop 24/7 with no risk at all. I wasn't going to bot at all this classic, but hey if there is a legit way to afk 24/7 a 9 man train guess thats what I'll be doing. If I get stunned/para'd etc on mobs it isn't like I'll drop my gear either. Better to make many 9 man trains. L2 is so old any computer can run 3 clients too.

This the biggest meme I've seen and I've seen a lot of memes.

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