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hello, english speaker player LF HARDCORE CP who gona realy rush and give a lot of hours on server Talking Island, i can play BD, OL , SWS .. pref in that order bcs of experience, if u are intrested send me a private msg with your teamspeak, discord or skype and we can have a chat.. just 1 important thing... i dont gona join a new CP.. only ppl who already played together before because i dont wana lose my time. i already played classic and the old l2 since c3.

PD: if you call hardcore a 6h gameplay dont send me nothing so we dnt lose our time =)

My Pc spec :  i7 8700k 5ghz 1080ti 11gb gamming oc liquid refrig  ram 16gb 3200 cl14 SSD M.V intel optane memory extra , monitor 1440p 27" 165hz gsync predator

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