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CP LF 12h+ players - Talking Island


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Hello there , as title says im looking for players who are not restrained by irl responsibilities and have a bunch of months ahead of free time.

We plan on playing over 12h a day which could result to 20h a day on some occasions , we have players with experience from previous classics.

Most likely going mage party on launch . Clan has been selected. LF COMPETITIVE SIDE. Main language will be english , but we have some greeks and russians in party . Send me msg here or on Discord Shadeslayer#9645 . 


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On 25/9/2018 at 3:32 PM, FatHips said:

this says volumes about the relative economies of those countries xD

aside Korea and USA, this game is quite popular in third world countries, Brazil, Argentina, Greece, East Europe, etc. where abundance of low end PC can run the game.

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