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Drop Mechanics


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I remember in the old Lineage II. If killed by a monster, you had a chance to drop items or something equipped. But if Red, you were essentially a loot pinata if killed by another player. Those old mechanics were fun though. One of the ways I would harass bots was through training. Pull a huge train of aggro mobs on a solo bot with a jibberish name. Bot would die, return to the same spot, even if they lost equipment, you could strip the bot, butt naked. For gankers, it was fun hunting them down. Sure you lost some exp if you failed, but unless you were red yourself, killed by another player, it was just some exp loss. For Classic Lineage II, those old drop mechanics should be included. Would allow for players to participate in reduction of botting. Which if you are a legit player, you should be aware if someone is trying to train you. And for ganking, sure you can go on a murder spree. But someone or a group of people could form a party and hunt you down and loot your equipment. If I saw a red, was always good to fight back anyways rather than try to run. Sometimes once you attack, it is them that would try to run lol I played on Erica server. I remember a red archer set up near Gludin along the road sniping people, I gave chase and they tried to run. "Stop chasing me!!! F-word you!" After they died, so much sparkling loot...

Lesson: Before you just shoot at anyone while you are flagged as red, make sure you can kill them in 1 or 2 shots. They could just be baiting you... hehe

Make Lineage II Great Again, #Vanilla Drop Mechanics

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