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LF TOP competitive CP


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The people I usually play with are not interested in classic, so I will try to find some other cp. I would prefer if I find people that I have already played with or against, but I am up on meeting new players.

My activity will be 12-16 hours daily for the first month since I am free, after that it will be around 6-10 hours depends on schedule. I want some super competitive that has experience, don't care if the main language is not English as long there is at least 2 guys that can speak English. I have played with most of the top EU parties the past years so I have a lot of experience on how to dominate. I have lost most of my old fraps so I have only one from earlier this year. 
You get talk with me on discord  panNik#8386 


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Shall you are interested in Joining the Giran Server GMT +1 , Our CP ( Covenant CP) is currently recruiting SWS/WC/BP

The party consists of experienced people from Europe, and Greece.

You can communicate to us either with message to " Devak " in the forum or using discord at  DevaK#7101 for further info .

Thank you

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