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Fondest L2 Memory


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I challenge you all to look back at your L2 career and share with everyone your most favorite memory.  Please include the server, chronicle, char, clan, location, and whatever else you may feel relevant. I'll go first.

It was C3 and my brother and I decided it was time to make us some money.  What better way than to load our human fighter (way past weight limit) up with No Grade Soul Shots we purchased from Talking Island to Gludin to sell these NGSS to players for 1a more than we purchased them for (still 1a cheaper than the shop).  In order to increase our margin we found that it was much cheaper to run in slow motion to the TI Harbor, purchase a ticket, wait for the boat, ride the boat, run up to Gludin, set up shop and repeat.  One of my fondest memories happened on the boat.   It had to be 1AM and my brother and I (sitting next to each other at his PC) had just made it to the boat, usually we had company in the form of another player just trying to make it over to a new world.  Tonight another human fighter joined us on our venture by the name of SlickRick.  After a hello, and greeting emote to Slick he sat silently.  We figured he just didn't feel like talking until - 

(white chat)

SlickRick: I just took a crap the diameter of a pool ball

SlickRick: It was so big it hurt


My brother and I didn't know how to respond we were so taken back that a stranger would reveal such information.  We had so many questions - Why was he on the boat? What were his plans after it landed? Did he want to be our friend? 


We never saw SlickRick again.  We plan to play again and hope to cross paths so, if you are out there SlickRick, join my CP.


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Hey I had to admit I was a Halo Player with my kids back in the day, my youngest one found Lineage 2 Beta out there and downloaded it, played the game with his older brother they said hey Dad check this game out. I went over to look at, and the first thing was wow that's a Sissy game.. I told them get back to Halo PC we have peeps to beat.. they were a bit sad but I gave into them and tried L2 on Sieghart server I made a human warrior something like that. I remember running around Talking Island , and my oldest son joined the game and he made a few friends back then some KillerOrc came over to talking Island. They had me run around with them all over the map then said ok lets all SOE.. I said whats SOE? scroll of escape its okay... they made fun of me well I never played any MMORPG games in my life - now after they gave me one, I did my thing back to town we went. I joined there little CP party and my oldest son said hey Dad.. why do you just use that one skill all the time LOL. because its there he said noway.. did you get new skills? I was like Derp.. ah oh.. don't know so he had me go back to town and get some upgrade skills haha.. "FAILED" Dad but it was really funny for them , and me also.. 


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Easy, bought the game and jumped in during prelude. This was my first MMO but didn’t really grasp the open world concept for online. Spawned a human with the intent of making an archer by the name Ruger on Erica. Spawned in and got to TI village then the realization started to hit that everyone running around was another real player and that you could literally walk anywhere on the map with out loading screens! Mind blown and never have been able to fulfil the same feelings that L2 created for an MMO experience.

That and then being tricked into aggro’ing legit gold farmers that had leveled up and got 2nd class skills and then d’lvled to farm the cave on TI. Seeing those higher lvl skills for first time... was a beautiful death!!!

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