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1. create any low-level toon
2. find a mentor
3. ask that mentor if you can join their clan
4. join their clan
5. proceed  IMMEDIATELY to impersonate the clan leader and ask clan members to give you all their gear
6. go through clan list and use this tactic on as many clan members as you can until you are caught
7. leave that clan (or get kicked when you are discovered)
8. log out with all your new items.

This works!!

Every clan leader hopes that their clan members are sophisticated enough to not trust ANYONE who asks for their gear.  This, sadly, is not always true.  There are naive people who believe when someone says, "I am your clan leader on an alt."

When those scammed clan members and clan leader submit tickets to NCSoft with screenshots, this is how NCSoft will respond:

"Hi there,

I've checked your report and confirmed that this incident occurred within your clan. Unfortunately, the Game Support team is unable to provide any assistance to any clan dispute or clan drama. As such, we are unable to offer a restoration for the stolen items in this case.

However, we will investigate the issue and take appropriate action against anyone found to be violating the User Agreement. For privacy reasons, we are not able to provide specific information about what action is taken in response to this report. I'm sorry that we aren't able to provide more information about the outcome in this case. We do take these reports very seriously, and we will do everything we can to verify what had happened.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know.

GM (insert any name)
NCSOFT Support Team"

In short, NCSoft does not want to work as a support team to do the right thing by their playing community.

NCSoft would rather support scammers who steal from honest players who work hard to build their gear.

NCSoft would rather make excuses than to investigate through logs to see what really happened.

NCSoft has no regard for players who play with integrity.

In short, it doesn't matter what happens, NCSoft support team will not live up to their mission of "support."  And now, by allowing people to scam in this manner NCSoft support has dropped to a whole new low of supporting only scammers and thieves.

So dear friends, scam away.  NCSoft doesn't care, in fact they'll let you do it all day long.  They don't want to get involved in "clan drama."  Honest players be damned, NCSoft will do nothing....


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I cannot believe this.

how unbelievable naive are you guys.

is it soooo easy to scam people in lineage?

why in the world would you even give ur gear to your real clan leader if he asked for it?



please tell me im getting trolled . I dont wanna believe this.

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you obviously are a sophisticated player. most people would not give their gear, even to their clan leader.  but there are some who have not had the L2 experience as long as some of the others of us, and they are naive.  it happens.

but as it happens, NCSoft will do nothing to help rectify the circumstance.  that is the message here....


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they misrepresented themselves to naive clan members.  they lied to gain invitation to the clan, they lied to clan members.  negligence? perhaps. or blind trust. call it what you will.  i am not the one who was scammed but others were. that person joined the clan deliberately with the idea of perpetrating a scam on the clan members. they were in clan less than five minutes and began scamming. their entire length of time as a clan member, less than 20 minutes before they were dismissed.  like i said before, not everyone is sophisticated enough to know to trust no one.

and ncsoft calls it "clan drama."  gg...

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Some people are very talented to gather information and impersonating other people to gain other's trust, this happened many times, and there's always someone falling for it, you can't just say that it's the victim's fault for falling for it, because they were deceived to begin with.
There has been some situation like this happening in the past, and people managed to get their gear, but perhaps if you're not a spender, you'll get nothing back... In any case, never trust someone that's on an alt, unless you have formall proof that it is actually the person they pretend to be...

As for NCwest support, it's been a huge joke for a long time. I actually believe that they don't read past the ticket title. So far I've sent around 10 tickets for minor problems, and every single time, they would ask me for informations that I had already provided in the ticket. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. In your position I would keep sending tickets until the problem is resolved.
People proceeding to such scams should get hunted and ban on all of their accounts. But you already know that spenders are obviously favored compared to other players.
I hope your situations gets fixed

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As much as i don't want to *know* that NCSoft caters to the big spenders, it does become more and more apparent as time goes on.  In the past year i had two clan members who were scammed with NCoin.  They were both selling NCoin, they both sold fairly large chunks of ncoin to a single person.  One of them was a heavy donator, several hundred $$ per month.  The other was an occasional donator, 50$ to 100$ once in a while.  The heavy donator had his item returned to him by ncsoft and the perpetrator was banned.  the not-so-heavy donator had no resolution whatsoever, he was basically told, too bad, so sad, you get to eat this loss.

Duplicitous and inequitable treatment of different people in the same situation:  Bad business practice.

i have heard of other people who were scammed and got items returned.  my people however are being told this case was clan drama and ncsoft will not get involved. 

i guess ncsoft didn't get the memo that not everyone has hundreds of dollars per month to give to them for a game.  i guess that without that kind of monetary input the rest of us are just plebes and peons and don't deserve true support.  instead we get lame excuses and "thank you for your kind understanding."  sorry, but it's kind of hard to be kind or understand when there are such blatant imbalances in the support system.

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This right here reminded me of a story long ago, which happened on a private server. It was a C3 server if I remember correctly and there was this guy , who was making new "friends". After awhile, and after the .. trust has been settled , the said guy asked his new "friend" , to drop his weapon so he can make a screen shot with it :D .

Oh the drama after that on the forums , LOL! I still laugh now so hard !! 

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We may have some progress from NCSoft.  Of course, I will be following this through to ensure an appropriate resolution to the problem.  Perhaps they are attempting to rectify their lack of true support.  I will post updates here as they are available.  but for now, this is at least something.....


Senior GM Wraith (Lineage 2)

Sep 26, 22:08 PDT


About the incident with ProtonCannon, we're already addressing this issue in close communication with the people involved. Privacy concerns do not allow us in disclosing information about this case. However, further updates will be given in their tickets.

If there's anything else that I can help you with, please feel free to ask.


Senior GM Wraith
NCSOFT Support Team"


ProtonCannon was the scammer in this incident...

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