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Who can play?


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Good afternoon, the other day my friends called and asked if I would go to this server, we often played a small group of 5-6 people when we lived in London, now four of us live outside of Europe, someone went in Moscow, someone in America, I understand correctly, without looking at the origin and citizenship, I can not play with friends?

I understand about the problem of the Russian community, they spoil many games, and they often replace their work, but you can limit them online in the game to 5-6 hours in the evening, how can I play with my old acquaintances if whole regions are blocked?

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Its not about the damage they can make...its about contracts and franchise and royality- we are talking about money here.

Officially, teritories are like this:
Innova have  CSI and EU
NcSoftWest have North America

Unofficially NcSoftWest take care about South America too and EU is kinda common ground for both companies...Thats why NcWest blocked CSI states.
So, if your friends live outside the permit zone they cant play or they can use VPN at their own risc.


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3 minutes ago, GaM6iT said:

Pleistoros, I completely agree with you, but what are the chances that when you play through a proxy, the company will change the conditions and not block me from the account for the game from the region?

Bro, I just explain how things are atm here to ease your decision.
There is no official solution for your problem :)...only bypass with vpn at you risk.

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Everything is available and clear)) apparently continue to play in heartston: D

It's a shame that the Russian leadership is so stupid that they are satisfied with repeating macros where one person manages thirty characters ... Russians do not understand anything in MMORPG = \

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