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Strong Giran CP Looking for Tank (5+ hrs/day) [Covenant CP]


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Covenant CP is returning to NCSoft servers and we are recruiting for active and skilled Tank (Dark Avenger) from Europe (preferably with previous experience in Classic servers). We will have a prime-time of about 6 hours (20:00 to 02:00 GMT+1) during weekdays (although people will be there in the morning-afternoon too) and 10+ hours during weekends. 

All CP members are from Europe. We are looking for an English-speaking, easy-going and fun person to join our team.


-Full exp boosts

-more than 5 hours play time every day

If you are interested to join a well-integrated group with a rich background in Lineage 2 please reply or message me here or in Discord DevaK#7101.

Thank you,


ps: All other roles have been filled

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