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Why NCWest is trying to "please" vocal minority outcry?


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20 hours ago, pajausk said:

YOU WILL NEVER MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY. COMMUNITY OUTCRY WILL HAPPEN REGARDLESS WHAT YOU WILL DO. Keep everything what supposed to be in classic client. No need to remove macro loops. Macro loops are the tools which allows casuals be more competitive in leveling. It is also a tool to lower difference between legit player and cheaters which adrenaline and other type of boting software.

Macro loop will still be a case regardless you remove it or not. People these says have macro keyboard/mouse so there wont be any effect on them.

You should better focusing on how you stop botting instead of removing key features of the chronicle.


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macro loops were literally only added as a response to when they blocked ranger so their existing playerbase (who nearly all botted) would not instantly quit.  They are not necessary on a new server.

I played 7 characters with non-looped macros, no nostromos, no bot programs or anything than a laptop keyboard and $5 dell mouse back in the days before f2p and I crushed it.  If you don't know who I am ask around.

Looped macros are completely not needed and only help the adena farmers and bad players.

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