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Fighter CP ( melee), Giran server


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We are making a fighter CP inside the clan "Impact" on Giran server.

International CP, microphone necessary, main language in voice is english, in chat like party chat whatever u like.
Prime time: 19:00 - 23:00 gmt.
We are not a top CP, we wont play 12-16-24hours a day, more like 3-4hours on weekdays and more during weekends.
Still we are aiming for PVP, we want to attend sieges/epics/olympiads whenever possible.

(And most importantly make all our gear shiny and be richhhh xD )


At the moment we are full, not looking for any additional players.

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Its going pretty good, we have 2 ppl that are thinking, ill wait their answers till tomorrow morning and ill update here.

What we are still missing is 1 BD no matter what these 2 ppl say.

So @pwoni, please bear with me till tomorrow.

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I'm going to play as Bishop, iam from Brazil, my prime time is de same of yours, I already play as a healer in the Chronos. I can chat in english but my listening and speaking are bad. I'll probably play at giran server, I'm just waiting the pacth notes to decide because of the siege time.

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