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[Giran] Melee & Friends (non-CP clan)


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[ Giran ] Melee & Friends social clan

A few people seem interested in a non-CP clan, which means no declining clan members to level boxes. The point is to play with active people. You can party a box buffer if no live buffer is available and things like that, but the goal is to accommodate everyone who is lfp. This will not be a top-tier competitive clan. It may even end up being only a discord channel since clans are hard to level up in the beginning anyway.

This will be a melee clan. Most classes will be welcome pre-40 as long as they have a decent weapon for single-target melee. After 40 Overlords, Warlords, and nukers will not fit in well anymore because they level best with AoE. If someone wants to make an AoE sister clan, they sure can.

Members are still encouraged to make box toons to use when no live people are available, even DD's for those odd occasions when 3 supports are on but no DD's. O.o


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3 friends (Crafter, SK and BD) are looking for a casual melee clan.


Some questions:

- How many members this clan will contain at the grand opening?

- What's the clan name?

- What's the playable time zones? most of the clan members located in a specific country?




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