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On ‎9‎/‎28‎/‎2018 at 3:00 PM, Hallibel said:

I think you haven’t get the point here and well isn’t like you gonna get it but I’m gonna try...

Firstly, You are winning a single class in a whole server only because that class has no aoe skills that doesn’t need target... secondly, even if there’s two talisman support now it has a long casting speed which allows the other player to fastly move behind any pillar... thirdly, feel free to post the video of that match where you can see I had my duals on full time and I equipped them till the end for next match, why? Because I try to fight people with around the same gear lvl and ofc in you doesn’t even matter since all you do is hide and it turns into who have the faster topaz which is fine in a way because that’s your class about what’s wrong is that you try to show off on things that evidently have 0 arguments.

And aren’t tears Trolli it’s called talk and express our own opinion if you cannot even deal I think I should feel even more sorry for you.



dude you are the easiest iss NA server dude all that gear you ask from zureil still lose to me btw this picture was like hour or so go care to explain your lost again ive beaten you like 20 times and you beat me one time when I was level 100 and no gear gz now you lose everytime also you have 0 skills most your clan are bots who use programs account sharing I hope gm banns you guys one day with items Jinkariya lost hero im the iss slayer took him out anyway you are no match vs me cry cry more about my class you have 2x 30secs tailsmen with eva rune dawft race endgame items and you have like no cool down :) love making all MS cry.

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AJAJAJAJA when my clan mates told me you did post that ss I had to come myself to see how you embarrass yourself and how you make up so many stories. We have had 5 matches by far Trolli learn to count or if the fantasy is so real then please post the videos of the 20 matches according to you we have got aside of that not sure makes you think that doing 1k dmg in a 5 minutes match means you are somewhat OP...

I really don’t get it if you are so good why you aren’t hero then? Your ally could help you! Oh wait... your ally just made your clan lose their only hero :S damn gotta be really ruff that you guys are just tools for them. 

You told me you were gonna feed my competition yet I was 500 points ahead from the only one that seems willing to try so I think you gotta work on that little man! ((Or you are busy making drama on ally chat regarding the heroes?))

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