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No Macro Loops Confirmed

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Great decisions on looping macros and drop on death.  Distressing they did not address bots and rmt (not to give away their strategy, just to say, for example, that they will police diligently and people caught will be perma-banned).

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Thank God they listened to reason.

Even the RU classic server decided today that they will remove loop macros from the game.

If ppl are leaving just because LM won't be present, I'm even glader. No 9 chars trains bs. Click the bleeping mouse and keyboard for a change.

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No great loss, xLinden.  Game should be played by live people, not afk people as they sleep.  Let's lose the afkers, the botters, the p2w players, the predators and the bullies and have a server where real people can enjoy the game as it was meant to be, competing for castles & heroes, etc.

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