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Botting, RMT, and L2Store


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The three things mentioned in the title are the three biggest potential hindrances in this server's success. These are the topics I've seen on Reddit and other forum boards that have people on the fence about joining. People asked about them numerous times during the live stream and neither of the hosts addressed them. So I pose these questions here:

1.) What is the punishment for botting? Will the botting policy be strictly enforced?

2.) Will you be banning people who have bought characters or items using real money from farmers? This is currently plaguing Classic EU and has done all but completely ruin the game for many players. This is VERY important.

3.) The L2Store selling soulshots hurts Dwarven income. That's an issue within itself, but can we get some confirmation or guarantee that the L2Store will not add any additional items, aside from new cosmetics? If weapons or armor are sold in the shop, even in loot boxes, it will absolutely destroy this server.

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I just want to be the responsible one in these forums, but the company is obviously aware, they're not going to give you their strategy for handling such things.  If people knew how they did it, they'd find away around it.  Consequence for botting is banning.

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Just so u know most ppl are not going to pay real money for freaking soulshots... i mean for real.

And no u cant buy mats (seriously who would do that anyways?) from shop, u gotta exchange silver coins that has a certain drop chance.

Worried about botting? perhaps ur right, but dont worry about dorfs income... they will be just as rich believe me

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