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Since we're not playing 1.5 but 3.0 with a level cap, we would like to at least know before hand if we're going to have all the skill improvements up to 2.5 or 3.0 (witch seems logical ... seen from what you are doing),and also if we're going to have the 2.5 B set bonuses like stun resistance ... knowing this before the launch in crucial so we can do adjustments to our setups and builds @Juji

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Can't understand why people want everything to be like it was 15 years ago?
I honestly don't like how it was back then in time, I remember I was grinding like mofo 10+h a day for nothing. I don't mind we level a little bit faster and also I don't mind we have some improvements on skills and etc. I also wouldn't mind if we got SS in shop and stuff like that. Honestly what I want here is just LIneage 2 without Goddes of destruction update.. The game was just perfect back then.
Also how frequent will the updates comes I mean we start at 1.5 when we will got 2.0 or 3.0 ?

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@Juji If we ask really,really nicely can we have patch notes by maintenance? Or maybe at least a class preview for a better idea of how they are going to play on classic? Please?

I know a lot of my friends aren't sure what they want to play since there wasn't really an in depth discussion on them during the live stream.

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