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My fellow players, help fighting Bots and RMT


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Bots and RMT were around since pretty much the beggining. Get rid of them completely is almost utopic.

They suck the fun from the game and disrupt the competition and the balance.

I know, it's the management's job to deal with this, but if we truly care about our beloved MMO and want this classic thing to work out and last, we can help them and help ourselves.

If you see bots/RMT in-game, REPORT them, RECORD them, PRINT-SCREEN them, POST it in the forums, send to the GMs, everything you can.

Let's not be so lazy. If we can help, let's do it. If at least a portion of the bots and rmts gets banned, it will already contribute greatly and make our experience much more enjoyable.

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Just now, Cardano said:

Posting them might be good idea.

If we made a discord server about them, or a separate topic here on forum, we could update it real time "botters at this spot now" and ppl who are bored could just go hunt them down or train em or something.

I like this idea.

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