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PLEASE READ: Reporting a Bug

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Hello all,

We'd appreciate you detailing any potential issues you come across in the latest major game update on the Report a Bug forum. Please note while L2Wiki is a great guide, it currently does not support NA version of Lineage II Classic where our rates and localized names may differ.

Here are some helpful tips when reporting a bug:

  • Don't immediately create a new thread. First take a look at existing threads to see if someone else has already reported the issue.
  • Choose a concise thread title. It should be short and to the point of what you're reporting.
  • Be as specific as possible when describing the situation. We need to know how to reproduce any bug you encounter.
  • Report things that clearly aren't working as intended, not things that don't function how you'd prefer.
  • Keep threads on topic. Posts that veer away from specifics about a particular bug will be removed.
  • Be patient while we work to compile bug reports, verify each bug, and submit them to the development team for correction.


As we gather your reports and investigate them, we'll be keeping you updated with a list of known issues. 

Thank you!

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