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Ceremony Of Chaos Bugs


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I am having issues where I was participating in the Ceremony of Chaos and the game has stopped giving me the option to sign. I will list below the actions I have taken to resolve the issue, but I want you to know I can sign on other characters I own.

1) I have used the alt+l to reset screen locations

2) I have preformed file repair

3) I have uninstalled lineage 2 completely and reinstalled the game

4) I have opened several tickets with NC who basically said FU post on forums and see if anybody else is having this issue

oh but wait, just as any good sales commercial goes there is more, 2 of my cp members are having the same issues and get the same cookie cutter responses from NC.

So I have posted it anybody else having the same issue?


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On 12/28/2017 at 4:23 AM, Yidao said:

The minimum Clan level for participating in the Ceremony of Chaos should still be lvl 3:


Actually it is an NCwest exclusive that you need to be in Clan Level 6(they changed it due to clicker programs so GM didn't have to log-in each day to ban abusers)

I couldn't find the patch note but IIRC it was when they added Clan Items to Merchant of Mammon maybe Valliance/Underground.

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NP, I started CoC when it was first Introduced(Level 76 and Clan 3) and made my clan Level 5 with the Clan Item Rewards, but when the change occurred since I was 1-person clan(occasionally my sister would start to play again/then quit) and all the people I knew in-game when I started had quit, I therefore I did not plan to make Level 6... I had gotten ALL Clan Skills well before this Update, so I created 1 extra Account before the update so I could meet the members requirement for Level 6(with CRP I had). Now I can join CoC but it will not be on Toons I'm working on(CRP/PRP take much too long) and Toons I'm not working on aren't likely to get my time. I can stand AFK again in CoC but likely only on a less active Toon.

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