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Are mouse drivers allowed in-game ?


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various responses from staff members throughout the years, since the old forum is down and can't link anymore


The Nostromo SpeedPad is not considered in violation of our rules, unless it is used to automate actions for your character when you are away from the keyboard. Using it to repeat shouts and/or crafts while you are not present is considered 3rd party software use and is against our rules. As long as you are present at the keyboard while using the joystick functions, you are safe and within the rules.


Thank you for contacting Lineage II support. You are welcome to use a nostromo pad to play Lineage II. You must be very careful about programming the pad to automate game play. We request that you only use the nostromo while present at your computer. We understand that many player look for ways to make game play easier by automating certain aspects of the game but if your automation ever interferes with other game play it will become a problem.

The best rule of thumb to follow is to make sure that any macro you make for your nostromo requires your presence to operate.

You will not be punished for what you have done in the past, please just make sure you are present at your computer in the future.


I think I can see where there may be some confusion over our position on the use of hardware such as the Logitech G15, Nostromo or other programmable game devices. In actuality, our position regarding the use of these devices has never changed. It has always been against the rules when these devices are used to automate game play in a manner not possible through normal game play.

The best way to determine if how you are using these devices is a violation or not is by asking yourself "Can a normal keyboard/mouse combination replicate the same behavior?" If how you are using the programmable device can be done through a regular mouse/keyboard combination, then you won't have anything to worry about.

One example I often hear of is spamming CP potions. These devices can be setup to endlessly spam CP potions with the push of a button. Repeatedly consuming CP potions is possible through the use of a regular keyboard by setting up a hotkey and just holding down the hotkey on the keyboard. The difference is if the programmable device is somehow able to detect the character's CP level and automatically start spamming CP potions at a specific level and then automatically stop spamming the CP potions at a specific level.

There is a very distinguishable difference between using these devices to facilitate game play compared to using these devices to automate game play. We're looking for and testing for the automation. If the character is found to be exhibiting behavior that cannot be replicated through the use of a normal keyboard/mouse setup, then the character is considered to be "botting" even if they are only using a programmable device like the Logitech G15 or Nostromo.


We ban for bots. It is that simple. Don’t muddle the discussion with Ventrilo/Teamspeak, AV programs, or even Keyboard Macros. The makers of Ventrilo did not have to decrypt Lineage II to make their product work. AV programs may scan game packets for particular algorithms but I don't think Norton wants to take a castle or get better at the manor system. As for fancy keyboards and mice with macro software... you will have a GM knock on your screen before you are banned for that. Honestly, if your keyboard macro runs 9 accounts at the same time you need to go out and get a programming job 'cuz you got skillz.



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Also, our policy is that each keystroke or mouse click should equal one action in-game. Players should not use add-ons or programs that fully automate gameplay (such as bot programs) or that give you an advantage over other players (such as damage increase hacks, speedhacks or auto-target hacks). Just use your best judgement and you should be fine. If there is an add-on or program that clearly gives you an advantage over other players, do not use it. If you have any other questions about what is considered a violation, please refer to the User Agreement and Rules of Conduct: http://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/user-agreements/

Here's the response I got.

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