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Catacomb clarification.


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Hello @Juji !!

During the stream you mentioned that there would be 2 low level catacombs available. However on the forums you keep saying that there's only content up till 1.5. Catacombs were introduced much later to the game then 1.5, so It's confusing. Clarification would be awesome!

Another thing a lot of us were wondering about, does the  50% exp runef rom Chronicle pack stack  with the 50% exp rune available in L2store for 1.7k NCoins?


Thank you very much

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I don't think 1.5 means something referring to old chaotic chronicle, something in between harbingers of war and age of splendor. I think it's an version control referring to the new classic.

for reference, those names are from old chronicles


Chaotic Chronicles

C1: Harbingers of War
C2: Age of Splendor
C3: Rise of Darkness
C4: Scions of Destiny
C5: Oath of Blood

Chaotic Thrones
CT1: The Kamael
CT1.5: Hellbound
CT2: Gracia part I
CT2: Gracia part II
CT2: Gracia Final
CT2: Gracia Epilogue
CT2: Freya
CT2: High five part 1
CT2: High five part 2
CT2: High five part 3
CT2: High five part 4
CT2: High five part 5


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