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Jungle Forces Team (Talking Island)


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There was no way Jungle Forces Team could miss the chance to play on this server,

So, we are here to have fun in a competitive way.

We have experience in classic servers as a clan. In particular we have played in the servers: l2 classic club, l2dex, skelth and l2 gamecoast. 

Our clan is strictly CP based. Our goal is to be on the top clans of the server, meaning that we are going to have a lot of pvp in our journey, participating on sieges/events, hunting epics , raid bosses e.t.c.

We are looking for complete parties or 7/9 at least. Players must be able to communicate in English or Greek, play at least 5h per day Monday-Friday and must use discord/teamspeak 3.

You can contact us here with pm (Capone , xPsomo) or post below for more info.

Thank you and have fun!


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On 10/6/2018 at 6:08 PM, Psychos said:

hello :) i play in ur clan when u leave Club ... in archer cp, but may i ask u why u play in Taking Island, it's GMT-5 but Giran +1 gmt( Eu prime time) 

ty for answer 

soz for late answer i do not look at forum anymore. we just decided so in a meeting. both timezones have sieges in bad ours for us. at least NA looks like more fun :D. 


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