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FS clans ally Sacred Steel Giran


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We are players originally from Hindemith /Phoenix servers ,who also played on Naia Shilen Chronos Freya nc soft servers.

We are comming back to play again this greatgame and welcome all our ex clan mates or enemies from that time or new people to join the international ally in Giran sever.

Because a lot of ppl are comming we gonna start with 3 clans so if you are old dog visit the forum to apply and book your place.


Our goal is to be as competitive as possible,and participate in raids,sieges,pvps.

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We welcome all old Hindemith players and not only.Would be happy to see our old friends and enemies from all over the world.

My names in Hindemith/Phoenix Chronos servers (Dreams,Geneisz,Braveheart,FS clans) was BlackLordBG / DrSith

On Freya/Naia servers( Max/DH clans ) my character was Midea.Will be nice to play with any of you again.

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