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Doubts about physical and magic evasion


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200 P / M Evasion equals how many percent of evasion?
Ex .: P / M evasion = 200, would it be 20% evasion?

How do I calculate the chance of evading an attack? If you have an updated calculator, it would also help. For what I know evasion, only influences the chance of hit damage, does not interfere with debuffs.


My question arose because of the data below, how to know if my evasion is bad, reasonable, good or excellent.  It would not receive a bonus of this if it did not have some relevance, for that reason already it is already indicative that a Light clothing was a good option for ISS, but only Doomcryer wins this bonus, the Dominator does not (In return receives bonuses for shield)


My Evasion in Doomcryer ( Phisical - Magical ):

  • Full HP: 186 - 231
  • -30% hp: 196 - 224


Skill_11554_1.jpgSuperior Sixth Sense
When HP is below 30%, increases P. Evasion by 17. STR +2.
Class Name: Iss Doomcryer

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For Iss, it's nonethless. You need to endure damage because you hardly gonna avoid it outside of disparition/polymorph.

That skill is kinda null as it is in Iss's skillset, of course, beside the +2 STR increase.

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