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I would love to know this answer. i am trying to coordinate with all of my friends, considering a half day of work. but i cant make any plans because they won't tell us this simmmplleee answerrrrrrr O.o please tell us already! its 2 days away, you have to know lol

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3 minutes ago, Hime said:

We're still determining the server open time for Classic, and we will let you know as soon as it's confirmed. :) Hype!

Hi Hime! I watched u on twitch! u are a beatiful lady :) 9_9

Hope news soon, because i will ask for vacations on my work :) . 

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  • L2 Team
6 minutes ago, Lumo said:

Open it now, be the best hype ever :D

We're ready, but we could still use the next couple of days. xD

3 minutes ago, Janeway said:


Can u still confirm the target day being the 3rd I hope :)

Yup! Still the 3rd. If it isn't, we blame Juji. :D

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