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100% bug


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i got 2x cloaks non legendary and tryed to make one of this legendary used 39 scrolls in a ROW , i don`t have a problem with the rate since i did more than 30 from non legendary to legendary ( this was the first time i had 2x cloaks non legendary in inventory ) ,but this time this is really a bug. The dev team should try with 2x cloaks non legendary in inventory to try to make one legendary, is not working 100% , waiting for answer. Have a nice night/day. And btw want my scrolls back if this is a bug :D

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if they were to return some they would have returned what I spent,
23 attempts and it was not

after Wednesday without restart I tried 20x and it was only in the last scroll

each scroll 850 ~ 1B

total 43 scrolls = 38B + -
+ 14B enchant for +10 cloak

it was more expensive than buying from player city
this 5% rate fell to 0.000000000005%.....

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