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Lionna was the first server I join when I played official for the first time, but about a year later I moved to Franz as I am from EU & I had prob with ping & the timezone, my char was AerisGospeL the clan I stay the longest was TheDarkness later at some point I moved to BlueWolves, if there is anyone familiar around who remember me say hi :)

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4 minutes ago, WingsOfSnail said:

Also old Lionna player here, I went by the name FallingStar. I see some familiar names here!

I'll never forget Tr0llw's Attaboo forum post from who knows how long ago. 

Lol I completely forgot about Attaboo. I forget completely what it was about but  when you said the name I thought "ATTAAABBOOOOOO NOOOOOO" and laughed out loud.

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