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Streaming Classic L2 !


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I am Samurai_karl and I am going to be streaming my progression on the classic server starting on October 3rd. I will be giving away NC Coin on stream if we hit My Viewer Goal. I am going to give Subscribers x5 Luck so subscribe if you can. I am also going to be doing a Subscriber only giveaway when I hit 50 subscribers. Stream Should Start no later than 7 pm CST I will not start the giveaway untell after 7 pm so follow me on twitch and activate notifications.

View Goal is 100 + active viewers!  

I am also streaming my live account tonight at 7 pm CST I have Level 99 Archer I have not been on in two years. 

So please follow me on twitch  https://www.twitch.tv/samurai_karl



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