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English speaking NA/NZ/Aus Clans?


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So there is only a small group of WarriorPoets coming to this Classic and we are thinking of just joining a solid clan that is English based.  If not we will just create WPG (WarriorPoetsGaming).  Any solid groups already formed or looking to form up?



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Blueberry what's up man?  It has been so damn long since I touch L2.  I'm pretty pumped that this Classic server is coming out.  Are you guys going to give it a run? We only have a small group from WP that will even give this a go, we have all got soft LOL, can't take the grind.  I'm super excited, but can't convince more than just a handful to come with.  


Was hoping to find a solid core of English gamers here,  Pretty sure NA is Talking Island server right?  If so we should at least look to group and form early and get a feel for the server.  What are you thinking?







Had a friend back in ArcheAge put this together for us, rolled it into Black Desert and a few others.  

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