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Remember Teon 2004? White Wolves recruiting. Newbs welcome


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White Wolves are back! Players from the early days of Teon remember us as one of the first clans to carry a tag. I was one of them.

If you are looking to join a clan that already has 80 people, we are not your clan. Our purpose is to help each other in the early, crazy days of server opening. We are not looking to siege a castle...yet. Helping each other level up and protecting each other in PvP will always take priority over building some zerg.

Your first character will not have the best gear. Adena will be a major factor when things start. It's about teleport vs. running and whether or not to use SS. Installing TeamSpeak is not a requirement. Having fun and being willing to learn how to save your Adena is.

As always, Real Life > Game

We plan to start in the Talking Island server. Sign up at http://gembu.proboards.com/


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I am getting the impression that many coming into classic think they got it made only to find out they're level 22 and still in a wooden set. Then there are some old-timers who don't really remember what a server start was actually like, unless they've played classic on the Euro servers. There will be farmers. No matter how pumped-up you think you are, you can't compete against 2x 12-hour shift workers lol. 

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