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<WarriorPoets> PvX Focus, TI Server, CPs, Open DISCORD to all

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WPG - WarriorPoetsGaming has been around since Prelude L2.  There is only a small group of us coming back to classic to re-live some glory days and have a bit of fun along the way.  Those that know of us, not much to say.  We have been pretty relevant in almost every MMO we have been in since L2Prelude.  Really I'm throwing this post up to see who out there is coming and would love to reconnect and run together while we fill out how this reboot of a classic is going to work out.


Server: Talking Island (Our understanding that is the unofficial NA server)

Comms: WPG utilizes both Discord/TS3 https://discord.gg/5E79rhG

Please join the Discord regardless of joining our community.  Should be a fun time had by all.


Found some old Vids from Youtube, a bit of WPG history.



More Swtor Fun

Some insane fun in ArcheAge, 2 Servers 2 Castles

If you want to see more just Youtube search WarriorPoets Black desert/ ArcheAge / wow any relevant MMO in the last 10 years.  Should find something.  


Here is to hoping this Classic Reboot is even half as fun as the original 

See you on the Battlefield




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What an awesome First day, sucks we had such a long time to wait to get in but was a ton of fun once I got in.
The clan is up and Going, it is already full at 10 members but once we get it lvled we will make room for all of you jumping in Discord.
will only cost us 150K Adema
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Also To those asking to join WP, We are going to build out a Waitlist as we level the clan up.  We are already lvl 1 and pushing hard for lvl 2.  Any Adena Donations are logged and tracked in our Discord as well for all to see.  


Happy hunting 

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We do, as the grind starts to get a bit more intense we are building AOE Grind groups as well.  A lot of us have boxed or have 3 accounts running so have had no need for the early aoe grinds in AC, but will need to shortly.  Avg lvl in the clan is around 25-28.  So your not to far behind.


Jump on in Discord and get to know the group. 

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What an awesome start to this classic Reboot!! (aside from the server side issues)  


To all those that have joined, Welcome.  We love having you and appreciate all your doing to drive WPG forward!!


We have opened the second clan, and Have plans for a 3rd (MAINS only).  payment are expected to drive the levels forward and prep for clan halls.  Please reach out to Dannyboy, Nagne, PerfectionWPG, Snapple or simply shout for a WarriorPoet officer in world chat ;p. 


Happy Hunting all, 

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I remember WP from swtor. Was always fun battling you guys. I just started on aden not very long ago but would definitely switch to your server if there's room for a fresh new player in one of your guilds. I am very active and I have some experience with Lineage 2 classic, however, that was maybe 13+ years ago. I used to no life the crap out of this game.

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