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Classic Launch Packs - Everyone check if you have been refunded!


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Hello guys,

I warn everyone to check if you have been refunded for your Classic Launch Packs, I bought the Journey Pack and the Chronicle Pack last week and then I got banned due to a false positive fraud trigger, then I was unbanned after contacting support.

Today I was refunded both of my purchases and those disappeared from my NCSoft Transaction History for Lineage II.

You can check if you still have it at https://shop.ncsoft.com/myshop/transaction/ncoinPurchased?serviceCode=32

Luckily I noticed before those are not available for purchase anymore and I was able to purchase them again.

@Juji and @Hime, you should really look into this or allow more time to purchase the early packs.

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4 minutes ago, Rayduxz said:

This and for VIP Tier 4.

Well even if the VIP scrolls they give you stack, will still only be VIP3 and will need to spend some NCoin. Since VIP2+VIP3 ncoin amounts are still less than VIP4

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