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ERROR Trying to Purchase Starter Pack, READ

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So for days, I was getting an ERROR on the page that you select the pack to purchase.  It had been a hassle just getting 3 accounts activated and unlocked so I could manage them from the site.  I figured I needed Supports to help with this as well.  


I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the player that I read this from, but to remove that error it is HONESTLY As simple as, On your account management page scroll all the way to the bottom and switch your language to EnglishUS, you will notice up top that when you go to games it will now show L2 where if you have EnglishUK it only shows B@S and Wildstar.  Doing that opened the purchase page for me and I was able to get both packs just now.


For my second account, I did have to do it twice, put it back to UK and back to US and the second go it was unlocked.


Hope this helps anyone hoping to buy starter packs 

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